Wedding Draft


About Wedding Draft

Wedding Draft brings the sporting thrill of fantasy football to America's other favorite weekend pastime: weddings. To play, you create a wedding draft and invite friends to join. Players draft wedding guests and participants based on how likely they are to engage in surprising/awesome/touching/tawdry/otherwise notable behavior: making a toast that brings tears even to grumpy Uncle George's eyes, fainting during the ceremony, going crazy on the dance floor, having one too many bourbons at the open bar and getting frisky with the caterer.... After the wedding, players vote for their top three draftees, based on their own assessment of who behaved most notably. The votes are tallied, the wedding winner is determined, and the player who drafted the winner is accorded appropriate honors.

This is weird. Who thought of this?

Wedding Draft was forged in the minds of a group of college friends who found themselves attending wedding after wedding and decided to have some fun. This newfangled Internet version takes some liberties with the original, but here's hoping it's a faithful attempt at representation. YMMV based on the adventurousness of your friends and family, but trust us: it's fun.

Game Play

How do I create a draft?

Any registered Wedding Draft user can create a draft. All you need is the name of the wedding (it's easiest to use the names of those getting married, though feel free to go wild), the wedding date, and a "wedding code" (an easy-to-remember short code to share with your friends).

How do I add players to a draft?

While you can technically play Wedding Draft alone, it's not much fun. It's much better to invite friends to join. Once you've created a draft, enter your friends' email addresses to add them to it. Friends who already have Wedding Draft accounts will automatically be added to the draft; friends without accounts will receive an email inviting them to sign up.

How do I set draft picks?

Only the Wedding Commissioner—the person who initially created the draft—can set the draft picks. Feel free to run your draft in any way that suits you: some groups draft in random order; others rotate who gets to go first at each wedding; others let the previous draft winner go first. The Commissioner obtains everyone's draft pick (over dinner the night before, via email, in a last-minute rush as the first notes of Pachebel's Canon are played) and enters them into the draft table.

How do I vote?

During the wedding, players keep track of how draft picks behave. At the end of the wedding, all players submits their votes directly to the site, ranking as many as three wedding participants and guests based on their own assessment of who displays the most extraordinary behavior.

How are votes tallied?

Once all votes are in, the Wedding Commissioner clicks the "tally" button on the front page to tally the votes. Votes are tallied using the Borda count method, which awards points to candidates based on the ranks voters assign them. A voter's first choice is given the highest number of points, with the second and third choices receiving fewer points. The candidate with the most overall points wins.

Behind the Scenes

Who's behind Wedding Draft?

Wedding Draft is a solo endeavor, created by Rebekah Heacock as the final project for Harvard's CS50: Introduction to Computer Science course in the fall of 2013. Questions? Get in touch through Rebekah's contact form.

Whoah, cool! How did you build it?

The site is built in PHP and SQL and is based loosely on a framework developed by the CS50 team for one of the course's problem sets, C$50 Finance. It has a few small bells & whistles via jQuery, and looks as nice as it does through the magic of Bootstrap.

Who made your cool logo?

The Wedding Draft logo was generously crafted and contributed by Dan Jones.

Where'd you get that sweet trophy icon?

The trophy was designed by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project. It's available under a CC BY 3.0 license.

What about those awesome cheerleaders?

The cheerleaders were designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project. The icon is available under a CC BY 3.0 license.

And those fonts?

Wedding Draft uses Google Fonts, a freely available directory of open source fonts. Specifically: Amatic SC for headers, and Lato for copy.

Where can I buy the football wedding topper I saw when I first registered?

So glad you asked! This amazing piece of art is available on Amazon.